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My name is Taako Taaco. Today is my first day as a sophomore at Neverwinter High!

This year, I’m determined to score a cute dude to be my boyfriend! 

My sister is always gushing about her boyfriend and it makes me want my own!

So I'm going to do my best to make some loser fall in love with me!


Neverwinter High! is a fanmade Adventure Zone dating sim made in RPG Maker. You play as Taako Taaco, a sophomore in high school living in a small town. 

Update / Patch Notes:

1.0 - First Release, 1/3 of the Kravitz Route


  • Title/opening/Kravitz route music is from the Love Strings of Mort Garson.
  • The song that play in Taako's bedroom is the instrumental version of "Freak Like Me" by Doja Cat.
  • Music for Magnus and Sazed’s routes are by PilotRedSun

Upcoming Features: (if i continue to work on this lol)

  • There are going to be four routes and at least one random chance route that opens during other routes.
  • There are two regular endings for each boy but there will be some bonus events/endings.


wNeverwinter High.zip 486 MB
mNeverwinter High.zip 620 MB

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